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Estate Planning

Estate planning raises many financial and emotional issues, especially because estate and gift tax laws are very complex and changing. When the legal and technical details are not considered on a timely basis, they often result in significant financial loss and mental distress. 
In many cases, both state taxes and federal taxes can be minimized or eliminated with proper estate planning and effective use of estate tax reduction strategies. In addition to reducing taxes, a comprehensive estate plan ensures that assets will pass in accordance with your wishes.  

When families and individuals plan for their future, they need to know that getting advice from adept, seasoned and technically superior professionals.
RINIntergenerational family photoA has assembled a team of specialists who understand and are experienced in dealing with the many intricacies of trust and estate work. Our values-based approach inspires trust and confidence that your unique wealth transfer, gift planning and legacy goals are incorporated into a comprehensive estate plan. We take the uncertainty out of estate planning and instill peace of mind that your objectives are fulfilled.
During the estate or gift planning  process, RINA assesses the multiple impacts of estate and gift taxes, income taxes, and property taxes and suggests strategies to minimize the potentially debilitating effect of these governmental levies. Our professionals also analyze proposed revisions to tax policy which are being discussed and introduced into the legislative process at both the state and national levels. Our advice includes discussions of possible law changes and we suggest appropriate strategies to lower the impact of possible policy shifts.
grandmother hugging her grandsonOur Trusts & Estates Services group provides the following estate planning services:

  • Up-to-date comprehensive estate, business, asset protection and income tax plans that minimize state and/or gift taxes and conserve family wealth.
  • Development of family gift giving programs and preparation of applicable federal and state gift tax returns.
  • Planning and consultation on the use of revocable trusts.
  • Review of how property is titled held to take advantage of important tax savings and ease the administration of an estate or trust.
  • Formation and implementation of business succession plans.
  • Creation of strategies for use of inter vivos trusts in the estate planning process.
  • Design and execution of charitable giving strategies to maximize estate, gift, and income tax benefits
  • Liquidity analysis for estates with illiquid assets.
  • Valuation of family partnerships and other entities for transfer tax purposes.
  • Annual review of estate plans to determine whether they conform to current situations and needs.
  • Consultation and collaboration with a client’s existing tax, legal, and financial advisors regarding appropriateness of a new plan design.

Many people do not realize how financially complex their lives have become until they begin to organize their affairs through an estate planning process. RINA will assist you in this often-intimidating process and help you understand, organize, and reduce unnecessary complexity so you can manage your financial affairs in an efficient and transparent manner.

Trust & Estate Administration

Grandfather hugging grandsonThe executor of an estate often faces a daunting task. For an estate of any complexity the executor’s various complicated responsibilities are best carried out with the guidance and assistance of a knowledgeable advisor.
RINA’s Trusts & Estates Services group addresses the needs of executors and surviving family members by providing advice and representation on federal and state estate, gift and income tax issues that affect the estate or trust, its beneficiaries, and fiduciaries.
Our services include:

  • Preparation of federal estate tax returns and applicable state inheritance/estate tax returns.
  • Preparation of judicial and non-judicial fiduciary accountings for trusts and estates.
  • Preparation of fiduciary income tax returns for trusts and estates, including tax planning to minimize income taxes.
  • Working with attorneys, executors, and beneficiaries to minimize estate tax and income tax.
  • Assisting executors in navigating through the administration process.

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