Estate Planning, Gift Planning & Compliance Services

Estate planning raises many financial and emotional issues. However, if these issues are not considered on a timely basis, they could result in significant financial loss and emotional distress. In many cases, both state taxes and federal taxes can be minimized or eliminated with proper estate planning and effective use of estate tax reduction strategies.

Our values-based approach inspires trust and confidence that your own unique estate planning, gift planning and legacy goals are incorporated into your estate plan. We take the worry out of estate planning and instill peace of mind that your objectives are fulfilled.

During the estate or gift planning  process, RINA assesses the multiple impacts of estate and gift taxes, income taxes, and property taxes and suggests strategies to minimize the debilitating effect of these taxes. In addition to reducing taxes, a comprehensive estate plan  ensures that assets will pass in accordance with your wishes.  

RINA provides the following estate planning, compliance services, and support services for trust and estate administrators:

  • Planning and consultation on the use of revocable trusts
  • Review of how title to property is held to take advantage of important tax savings and ease the administration of an estate or trust
  • Investigate the use of trusts or other entities to facilitate the use of leveraged gifting techniques, and provide operational control during the period of administration
  • Integrate the possible use of charitable trusts such as charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts
  • Annual review of estate plans to determine whether they conform to current situations and needs
  • Preparation of federal and state estate tax returns
  • Assistance with the funding of subtrusts and allocation of assets after death in accordance with the wishes of the decedent
  • Preparation of court accountings

Many people do not realize how financially complex  their lives have become until they begin to organize their affairs through our estate planning process. RINA can assist you in this daunting process and help you understand, organize and reduce unnecessary complexity so you can manage your financial affairs in an efficient and productive manner.

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