Valuation Services

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Knowing the current and projected value of your business and/or real estate properties is key to maximizing their value and minimizing related taxes. RINA’s team of valuation professionals understands the nuances of valuation, and works closely with all appropriate parties to arrive at the appropriate value for your business or real estate holdings. There are four basic purposes for valuing a business; taxation, litigation, transaction and regulatory. At RINA we have specific experience valuing businesses for:

Examples of RINA’s valuation engagements include:

  • Preparing extensive written reports determining the appropriate valuation discounts when transferring interests in a Family Limited Partnership (FLP) and Family Limited Liability Companies (FLLC) for estate and gift tax purposes.

  • Assisting corporations in determining their potential built-in-gain resulting from making an S-Corporation election from a C-Corporation, including companies in the engineering, restaurant, and construction industries.

  • Preparing valuation reports for businesses in the construction, restaurant, engineering and consulting industries for use in buy-sell negotiations for current and prospective owners.

  • Analyzing the feasibility of implementing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and preparing annual valuation reports as required by regulations, for existing plans.