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RINA’s experienced professionals will work with you to identify your key goals and help you solve your key frustrations in running your organization. We employ smart, industry-leading tools to help you understand your current situation, decide which actions will most benefit your organization, and implement the appropriate changes.

RINA believes that key personnel should work ON their business and not IN it. We have a full-range of established seminars, workshops, and focused exercises. Our approach is collaborative and flexible and we are happy to provide customized solutions that target your most urgent needs.

How can RINA help you obtain financial freedom? Checkout the initiatives described below or contact a RINA advisor to develop actions based on your specific situation.

Discover More About Your Business

Initiatives to give you knowledge from your data.

Key Performance Indicators — Identification and Implementation

This session requires a meeting with top management personnel to help identify the Key areas that need additional management and improvement for the business to succeed. The output of the session is a list of measurement factors that may be used to identify and manage growth.

The Profit Equation

This session includes a meeting with as much of the team as possible, including administrative personnel. We spend ½ day discussing the Profit Equation and how the specific aspects might be applied to your business. It is incredible the ideas that your people will come up with regarding obtaining new customers, not losing existing ones, increasing the frequency of their activity and increasing the average sale. This program has been one of the most successful we have provided in developing a team spirit and sense of involvement – not to mention the terrific ideas generated.

Flash Report Design and Implementation

This ½ day program works with management to identify, measure, and publish those Key Indicators that are needed to sustain growth and success. The result of the process will be a Flash Report(s) which will identify those actions and those measurements which will most directly affect productivity and profits. It will enable both management and the team to know on a continuous basis how their efforts are contributing to the success of the organization and the meeting of its goals.

Chart of Account Analysis

This backbone of your accounting system should be designed to provide relevant and meaningful information to help you manage your business successfully. Many businesses are using a static chart of accounts designed for a cookie-cutter business or to facilitate the preparation of tax returns. This analysis will design a chart of account to deliver critical financial information to drive and support the business’ operation and success.

Going Strategic

Initiatives to uncover the Big Picture factors that influence and guide your organization.

Strategic Planning Session

Strategic Planning involves a day and a half of intensive planning with top management to identify where the organization is, where it wants to go, and how to get there. Of critical concern is to ensure that the goals of the company are compatible with the goals of the individuals. Specific action items are agreed upon and a 30-day follow-up by RINA insures that implementation takes place.

Discovery Day

This ½ day session is designed to identify the key elements or where your organization is today, where you want to go, and to develop a general overview of strategies needed to meet your organization’s goals.

Goal Setting Workshop

Many business owners haven’t set specific goals or find that the goals of different owners are not aligned. This session is designed to identify specific shared goals for the short-term, medium-term, and long-term.

Organization Action Plan Design

This unique session involves the top management of your organization and through a structured series of questions, discussions, and evaluations, results in a specific Action Plan designed to guide your organization through the next year. It has been extremely beneficial for organizations who, on the surface, have conflicting views of what steps are needed to begin moving forward towards increased effectiveness and financial success.

Your Favorite Business

This session involves as many of your team members as possible. The facilitated discussion assists them in identifying the specific attributes necessary for your customers to view your organization as their “Favorite Business”. Further discussion leads them to develop ownership and involvement in the process so that they can become leaders in implementing the ideas presented.

Evaluating the Organization of Your Organization

This session is designed for top management personnel and will help them understand the need for a well-defined organizational structure and how to use it in growing the organization.

Job Descriptions – Building People Around Functions Rather than Functions Around People

This session is possibly the most important but the least understood of the business models needed for real growth. In it you will learn to appreciate the need for building a structure that meets the business and growth needs, rather than building the structure around individual employee abilities and expectations, including you, the owner. Specific plans and outlines for developing and using Job Descriptions in hiring, training, and overall organizational structure will be presented.

Uplifting Your Team  

Initiatives that improve the skills of your most valuable asset, your team.

Financial Literacy Training and Measurement

This, the most popular of our sessions, presents a simple, but comprehensive, overview of how management and measurement of the key numbers can affect the profitability and growth of the organization. It includes a program discussing the basic financial statements and their interpretation. It is then followed by a uniquely prepared evaluation of the organization itself and how its own financial statements can be interpreted and improved.

Team Advisory Board

This is a terrific way to get your entire team involved in the mission and the growth of the organization. The Team Advisory Board is a facilitated meeting with the team members. Questions and discussions are directed towards organizational needs and goals, not a gripe session. The experience in these Team Advisory Board sessions has been that the team is extremely excited to be included in the discussion and to have an opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas.

Keeping in Touch with Your Goals

Initiatives that make sure you keep working ON your organization and not IN it.

Monthly KPI Monitoring

In this process, the team at RINA works with you monthly to accumulate, measure, and manage your Key Performance Indicators.  The monthly reports generated and the follow-up discussions with the RINA team member help your organization to keep on track, to continue with the identified Action Plan, and to know which areas need added scrutiny and help.

Monthly Financial Monitoring, Analysis, and Mentoring

Using our unique Financial Scoreboard, the team at RINA will help you measure and manage your financial situation.  Monthly meetings are scheduled with management to review progress towards goals, to set new goals, and assist in the overall financial health and growth of the organization.

CFO as You Grow Program

The CFO as You Grow Program is designed for organizations which have developed a Strategic Plan and who want assistance and constant encouragement in its implementation.  We will meet with you and your managers several times each month to review progress towards goals, to assist in the development of documented operating and accounting systems, to identify, measure, and interpret KPI's, and to assist in the development and production of management reporting systems needed for the growth of the organization. This comprehensive service allows small and medium-sized organizations to have the benefit of professional financial management and assistance without the cost of a full-time financial executive.

Keeping in Touch with Stakeholders

Initiatives that help you crowdsource your strategic actions.

Business Development Roundtable

The Business Development Roundtable is a program that allows 8 – 10 business owners to meet monthly to discuss areas of mutual concern. The emphasis is on building a management approach that does not depend solely upon the owner, that allows the business to identify and reach for its potential. The Roundtable is a 1-year commitment, includes a coherent and tested curriculum, and has been successful in developing numerous small, struggling businesses into Extraordinary Businesses.

Customer Advisory Board

The Customer Advisory Board allows for a facilitated meeting to identify how effective the organization is in meeting its mission to its public. The Board can consist of existing or potential customers, referral sources, or other stakeholders. These are often extremely useful in identifying internal problems, potential new markets, and profit opportunities.

Experienced Lead Facilitators

RINA’s Strategic Growth Advisors include lead facilitators each with over 30 years helping organizations achieve financial freedom.

Geoffrey Kulik, CPA, is an experienced consultant and trainer whose knowledge includes proven methodology for strategic planning, analysis, and facilitation. He is often called to apply these skills on the systems and technology  

Charles Sterck, CPA, is skilled in conducting needs analysis and designing customized roundtable programs. His facilitation and presentation techniques are excellent and effective with diverse and demanding business leaders in varied industries.


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