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RINA was founded by an attorney, and throughout the years, we’ve maintained close contact with law firms by providing family law consulting and litigation support for individuals, families, trusts, and closely-held business owners. 

These services are built upon the strong audit, analytical and investigative skills of our auditors and business consultants, their experience with businesses in a variety of industries, and their ability to communicate effectively on several different levels.

More specifically we have:

  • Provision of expert witness services in local jurisdictions, including San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Mendocino and Solano Counties.
  • Participated extensively with family law attorneys assisting with financial tax and accounting facets of marital dissolutions. 
  • Performed forensic accounting services with extensive experience in family law matters including; allocation of property, apportionment of business interest, tracing separate property claims, assisting in preparing required financial disclosures, compiling information necessary to compute marital standard of living, child and spousal support and other assistance required for settlement. conferences, mediation and trials.
  • Acted in a variety of matters for plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Appointed as court’s expert under Evidence Code Section 730.
  • Served as consultants in matters not requiring our testimony.
  • Testified frequently in court, depositions and arbitration.
  • Assisted counsel in preparing for deposition and cross-examination and testimony for rebuttal.
  • Assisted in the discovery process, especially in deciding what records are required for examination.
  • Assisted in preparing presentations and various exhibits, including charts, to illustrate financial assertions.
  • Assisted in many insurance defense matters requiring calculations of lost income and claims for business losses in a variety of circumstances.
  • Analyzed trust funds and reconstructed accounting records.
  • Used agreed-upon-procedures to analyze defalcations and to provide information to resolve contract disputes.

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