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At RINA, our experienced business consultants can help you improve your business and take a major step toward achieving business success. As strategic advisors, we’ll work with you to identify key performance indicators, streamline business processes, and establish smart business tax strategies. Through our business consulting and planning services we can also help you set goals for your business and monitor your progress toward achieving them. 

In today’s competitive economic climate, business owners can benefit greatly by working with RINA's strategic-minded business and tax advisors.  We can help you succeed by:

  • Providing solutions to minimize your taxes
  • Identifying ways to grow your business
  • Helping you comply with business tax regulation
  • Maintaining high-performing employees
  • Guiding you in the complexities of achieving your financial objectives

Offering extensive experience and knowledge, RINA’s business consultants and strategic tax advisors have developed a range of business consulting and planning services that address each of these needs.

Select a service below: 

Strategic Growth Advisors

Strategic Planning by Bay Area consulting professionals helps you to identify the vision and actions needed to take your business to the next level.

Litigation Services

RINA was founded by an attorney, and throughout the years, we’ve maintained close contact with law firms–either by providing accounting services or client referrals. This extensive involvement also makes us uniquely qualified to provide superior litigation support services.

Exit and Succession Planning

RINA Accounting assists business owners design and implement the transfer of their business to someone else - whether to a family member, a key employee or an outside third party. The plan for you will always be aligned with your personal, family and financial objectives.

Mergers and Acquisitions

RINA has a history of working with businesses and individuals in the Merger and Acquisition field. We provide suggestions, considerations, alternatives and solutions in addressing all M & A activity.

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