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Business Tax

With over 70 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, RINA recognizes the specialized tax needs of the small and mid-size company, as well as the owner and his/her family.

Exempt Organization Tax & Information Returns

Not-for-profit organizations are defined by their tax-exempt status as well as for their charitable purpose. Maintaining this tax-exempt status can be difficult for an organization, with many challenging rules and laws to interpret and often with little time or expertise to comply. At RINA, we can help by providing the exempt organization tax services you need,from tax consulting and compliance services to the preparation of information and excise tax returns.

Multistate, State, & Local Tax

The RINA state and local tax (SALT) team recognizes the complexity of doing business in multiple states. Our SALT team specialist will work closely with your company to assess your tax situation and provide analysis to determine the best course of action for your business.

Tax Incentives & Credits

RINA’s dedicated tax credit team works with your company to identify and implement tax credit solutions. We also provide credit computations, compliance and audit defense of tax credits and incentives.

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