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With every audit we undertake at RINA, our objective is clarity. We work hard to deliver far more with our audit services than a simple report on your company or organization’s financial statements. Our mission is to arrive at a clear and in-depth understanding of your systems and determine actionable ways you can improve your performance. 

With our highly regarded audit services you will gain an independent appraisal of your company’s fiscal policies and how they impact your company’s operations.

At RINA, we understand that successful audits require commitment, focus and attention to detail. With this in mind, we maintain staff continuity throughout each audit engagement. This continuity allows every audit to be performed in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner. 

Adhering to the highest audit standards and using the AuditWatch program, our audit staff identifies trends or unusual relationships within your financial statements. Often the trends and relationships revealed through our audits help to determine areas for fiscal improvement as well as opportunities for growth. 

Why Audit Your Company? 

Even companies that are not publicly traded can benefit from a professional and objective audit.  Here are several reasons to call RINA today to discuss our audit services. 

  • Going Public: You are considering taking your company public and need to establish a series of audited operating statements. 
  • Accounting System Analysis: You have concerns regarding your company’s accounting systems and want comprehensive, timely financial information. 
  • Setting Up Internal Controls: You question the effectiveness of your internal checks and controls, and want to overhaul these systems to sharpen the internal review of data input and the process of collection and summarizing information. 
  • Independent Appraisal: You want an independent appraisal of management’s physical policies and their effect upon the company’s operations.
  • Accuracy: You would like to improve the definition and accuracy of budgets and forecasting. 
  • Profitability: Your profitability could benefit from expense restructuring and the advantages to be drawn from comparisons with industry leaders. 
  • Validation: Because you, the controlling stockholder, would like external validation of your stewardship personally or for the benefit of fellow stockholders and lenders.

A California audit firm, RINA will also audit your 401(k) plans, ESOP, benefit, retirement, pension and profit sharing plans.

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