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Audit Services

We believe an audit entails far more than providing a simple report on your financial statements. An audit should provide a better understanding of your systems and a greater opportunity to improve your performance. Our AuditWatch program enables our staff to achieve a thorough understanding of your organization, by employing analytical procedures that allow us to identify trends or unusual relationships within your financial statements.

Review Services

While less complete than an audited financial statement, reviewed financial statements are very useful in providing full disclosure of all material aspects of your business, its financial position, and operations.

Compilation Services

When we assist you in the compilation of your financial statements, you receive more than professional financial reporting. - Statements conforming to the highest standards of your industry. - Format and descriptions which are truly meaningful and informative. - Full disclosure in the statements and notes to demonstrate to lenders and fellow owners that your financials meet all professional criteria.

Employee Benefit Plan Services

RINA has employee benefit plan audit experience that dates back to the passage of ERISA in the 1970’s and we have developed an expertise in performing audits of 401(k) Plans, 403(b) Plans, Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Health and Welfare Plans and ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans).

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