Expense Reimbursement Policy

A pair of glasses on a Reimbursement of Expenses report. Expense reimbursement policy template.



To establish policies governing the reimbursement of travel, entertainment and other business expenses ("business expenses") incurred in the conduct of XYZ business, as well as the issuance and use of credit cards.  It is XYZ policy to reimburse employees for ordinary, necessary and reasonable expenses when directly related to the transaction of XYZ business.

Detail of Policies:

  • Documentation required when submitting reimbursement requests
  • Authorization required

Reimbursable Expenses, Including Policies on:

  • Hotel and travel expenses
  • Meals
  • Car rental
  • Mileage reimbursement, use of personal vehicle
  • Tolls and Parking
  • Business entertainment expenses
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Car rental
  • Professional memberships

Credit Cards - use of XYZ credit cards, if applicable

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