RINA Helps Habitat for Humanity

Collage of people building and remodeling homes. Habitat for Humanity volunteer projects.


On Friday, November 4th, thirty staff members of RINA banded together to assist with the volunteer effort of rebuilding and remodeling Oakland’s Kinsell Commons; a project being completed by Habitat for Humanity East Bay.  The volunteers from RINA reported to the Kinsell site and were given team-designated tasks involving interior painting and landscaping duties. The day proved to be both fun and work filled, and was quite a success. All of our work goals were accomplished by the day’s end, and the Kinsell Commons are just one step closer to their completion. The dedication of the homes is set for March 5th, 2012 (for 14 of the homes).

The Kinsell commons are a collection of 22 town homes, each with spacious layouts and backyards. This site (which is part of the large development, Tassafaronga Village) was the last remaining of Oakland’s severely distressed public housing developments. “Habitat’s development of Kinsell Commons will further stabilize the neighborhood by creating a mixed-income community and entry-level homeownership opportunities for low-income families.”

All of the Habitat for Humanity projects are primarily volunteer-staffed, so if you have any interest in lending a hand please visit http://www.habitateb.org/index.

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