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Group of RINA professionals eating lunch around a table at a conference. CoCo Kids is a non-profit advocate for children and families.


"Champions for Children"

As a parent, there is nothing more distracting than the welfare of your children while you are away at work. Being completely comfortable and satisfied with your childcare provider becomes a necessity. This reality is why I became involved with the CoCo Kids. But, the organization does so much more for children and families, training for parents and childcare educators, assistance for children with special needs, provision of healthy meals to children, childcare subsidies for low income families and of course assistance in locating a childcare provider that meets the needs of your family. I have participated on the board for the past ten years, and enjoy being involved in the organization because the services provided by the organization strengthen our community and its families. 

The organization’s motto “Champions for Children” is defined as follows: We believe that everyone needs someone on their side. That someone should be ready to “go to bat” and be “in their corner” to defend, support and fight for them. Everyone should have a Champion. We want to be that Champion for Children during one of the most rewarding and sometimes difficult points in their lives. We believe a safe, healthy, and educated childhood should be a right for all children and worth standing up for as a Champion.

“Our mission is to champion and advance quality child care and early education.” - www.cocokids.org

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