Girl Scouts of Western Washington

A photo of girl scouts of a Western Wahington troop in a forest setting.


April 1, 2015 - Kim Quinn is a Senior Accountant from our Bellingham, WA office, and regularly participates in assisting her daughters’ Girl Scouts of Western Washington troops. Kim’s activities have encompassed everything from co-leading one of the troops for a year, assisting with craft making activities to be used in fundraisers, and acting as a camp counselor at Chinook Day Camp.

One of the craft projects Kim assisted with involved the Girl Scouts making ice cream themed bath bombs for the school holiday craft fair to raise money for the troop’s activities and supplies. Previously, supplies were generously donated and discounted from Bellingham Local, Otion / Bramble Berry. This year, the Girl Scouts streamlined their process and made an amazing variety of soaps in about 2 hours in early December, which were very popular. The troop will be taking their unsold soaps to a region wide Girl Scout event to showcase their work.

During her work at the Chinook Day Camp, Kim helped teach the girls the basic tenants of Girl Scout law and how they apply to being a part of their community. “We demonstrated these tenants through participation in traditional (and some pretty non-traditional) songs, skits, outdoor activities and education, like an insect activity. We also did crafts, supported younger campers, and participated in camp wide activities with over 200 girls ranging from 1st grade to high school seniors. I led the girls in planting and decorating pots for their parents. One of my personal clients Windy Meadow Nursery(another local business) generously donated soil and plants for the project. We also did a modern take on the sit-upon using cool vinyl prints, recycled wool carpet padding and every type of bead you can imagine.”

Last but certainly not least, Kim’s daughters’ troops are currently ramping up for Girl Scout cookie site sales. Kim and her husband will lead at least 4 two-hour blocks of cookie sales with their daughters and troop mates. The girls earn a portion of the sale of every box to fund their troops. Then, they work with their leaders to allocate a portion of their earnings to donate: one portion to save for troop expenses like sashes or vests, badges and books, and then another to use for fun activities.


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