Annual Surtec Adopt-a-Family Golf Tournament

RINA golf team together in photo. Annual Surtec Adopt-a-Family Golf Tournament.


The RINA golf team of Jody and Tom Watson, Joseph Brunel and Thomas Shannon played in the 22nd Annual Surtec Adopt-a-Family Golf Tournament and came in second place! As you can see by the photo - they really enjoyed themselves. More importantly, $40k was raised to support Surtec Adopt-a-Family.

Jody Watson said of her experience with this year’s event:

"It was my honor to once again be a member of the RINA golf team and play in the Surtec Adopt-a-Family Golf Tournament. Bill Fields, the owner of Surtec, and his staff (along with 400 volunteers) have worked tirelessly for the past 22 years to make Christmas a happier time for many Bay Area needy families. 100 percent of all funds raised go to this charity. Not one penny is spent on overhead. I have participated in this fund raising event for the past six years and look forward to it as my number one MUST DO event. Thank you Bill and all the members of Surtec, for all that you do!”

If you would like to volunteer or donate to the program, contact Cheryl Sanders at 209-820-3700.

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