San Francisco Accountants Awarded Level 5 Certification from Mentor Plus

Two hands holding a neon award. San Francisco Accountants Awarded Level 5 certification from Mentor Plus.


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 San Francisco Accountants Awarded Level 5 Certification from Mentor Plus

SAN FRANCISCO — AUGUST 12, 2019— RINA Accountancy, an accounting and advisory firm focused on helping their clients achieve their business goals, today announced that 6 members of its Strategic Growth Advisors team have successfully completed the Level 5 Certified Advisor course. The Level 5 technique provides accountants a comprehensive methodology for delivering proactive and effective consulting services. 

Created by industry-leading Mentor Plus, the training includes tools to help accountants first understand and clearly articulate client goals and then work with owners and teams to create plans for achieving them.  The course incorporates concepts from authors like Geoffrey Moore, Simon Sinek, Tom Collins, and facilitation and training tools from TOPs, the Institute of Cultural Affairs and more.

The Level 5 curriculum includes selling and education tools that are only available for use by firms whose members complete the Level 5 training.

"Level 5" describes 5 degrees of consulting support offered to businesses and their owners. At Level 1, trained accountants help their clients build a sound financial reporting foundation. In Level 2, accountants teach the language of business and then help owners and teams identify critical business ratios and optimal scenarios.  By Level 3, accountants become group facilitators for client discovery and planning sessions. At level 4, accountants help their clients link activities to outcomes and chart a path to organizational success. By Level 5, their role shifts to a focus on accountability and continuous improvement.

Clients of firms who complete the Level 5 certification training can expect to have a deeper and more involved relationship with their accountant.

The five new RINA Level 5 graduates are Ed Fahey, Geoff Kulik, Charles Sterck, Tracy Teale, Howard Zangwill, and Usama Zulfiqar. These members of the RINA's Strategic Growth Advisor consulting team are also professional accountants who use their skills to facilitate financial freedom of businesses and their owners.

Sterck, head of the Strategic Growth Advisors said, “Our Level 5 training gives our experienced team the advantage of a proven, client-focused tool kit which lets us partner with businesses and owners to increase both their personal satisfaction and the profitability of the enterprise. Level 5 gives us a structure to deliver the services, suggestions, and encouragement that disrupt poorly functional corporate cultures and establish smart, sensitive, and successful operations”. Sterck has worked with the components of the Level 5 curriculum over the last 20 years and is excited to support this initiative at RINA and the clients they are privileged to serve.

RINA Accountancy is part of an elite group of accounting firms around the country who specialize in Strategic Performance Measurement. These firms, who are certified in the Mentor Plus Level 5 methodology, combine their traditional accounting practices with innovative, custom solutions that help businesses achieve measurable results. The company strives to create a collaborative environment that fosters innovative solutions. Guided by our resources and experience, our clients and our team members identify their goals and achieve their maximum potential.


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RINA is a regional full-service accounting and consulting firm with offices located in San Francisco, Oakland and Walnut Creek, California as well as Bellingham, Washington. RINA serves closely-held businesses and their owners, high net worth individuals and families, and many not-for-profit organizations and private foundations. RINA is one of the leading independent accounting firms in Northern California and among the largest in the Greater Bay Area. 

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