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Landscaped back patio in commercial space. RINA client profile - Tournesol Siteworks.

Tournesol Siteworks manufactures complete landscape solutions for the urban environment and is the container irrigation systems industry leader in North America. Founded in 1979 and originally named Planter Technology, current President Chris Lyon, acquired Planter Technology in 1994 and in 2007 changed the name to Tournesol Siteworks to reflect their expanded services and products. Today their complete range of commercial-grade siteworks includes pots and planters, site furnishings, greenwalls and living roofs, fountains, container irrigation, deck and paver products, root control and drainage systems.

Tournesol is growing at a very fast pace and has doubled their revenue every three years. Chris explains that the company has been able to take advantage of landlords wanting more outdoor amenities and people also want to be environmentally smart. The self-watering planters, green roofs and living walls have become very popular. In fact, last year Chris was asked to bid on reproduced planters for the portico of the south lawn of the White House. He is very proud of this work.

Chris’ goal for Tournesol is two-fold. First, he wants to continue to grow to be the premier supplier for commercial rooftop landscapes across the U.S. He feels that with his “killer” sales and marketing team, their broad range of products and occasional acquisitions, that Tournesol will reach this goal. He recently embarked on a major consolidation of 3 facilities and purchased a 40,000 square foot warehouse in Hayward and a manufacturing plant in El Paso and Juarez. Second, Chris wants each employee to enjoy their work as much as he does and to become more than something they were yesterday.

When Chris was asked what he is most proud of, he explained that he is “Proud of our Grit in helping our clients look at their landscapes differently. We work hard to get the job done and our customers know that they can trust us.”

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Chris originally came to Tim and asked how do we rank compared to RINA’s other clients? Tim advised that Tournesol is a bit smaller, but the kind of company we want to work with. Chris has always appreciated that Tim was able to help them with significant questions that helped Tournesol grow. He also was instrumental in developing a more mature accounting system. 

Chris Lyon
Tournesol Siteworks, President

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