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Family of four children and mother. RINA client profile - Abode Services.

Abode Services and its supportive housing entity, Allied Housing, is one of the fastest-growing homeless services and housing agencies in the nation. Abode Services’ roots lie in a coalition of church congregations which mobilized support in the 1980s to help growing numbers of individuals and families who had no place to live. More than 300 people came together for a meeting at Fremont’s Senior Center to develop a plan.

Today, Abode Services serves over 3,700 participants and houses over 2,000 people in 1,048 households in Alameda and Santa Clara Counties. Participants include both single adults and families with children (children comprise 26%). Most are extremely low-income (95% live below the federal poverty line), and many have physical or mental disabilities; are domestic violence survivors; grew up in foster care; suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction; or are chronically homeless.

Abode Services provides three main types of services: emergency shelter and crises services, housing, and support services that help participants maintain their housing and live as self-sufficiently as possible. The services delivered depend on each household’s specific needs, and can include vocational and job search support, parenting support, case management, and life skills training.

Like most non-profits, Abode Services has been affected by the Bay Area’s recession, which has caused many households in the community to face long-term unemployment, housing crisis, and eviction. This has made the need for Abode Services ever greater, while the amount of public and private funding available to support these services has fallen. Abode relies on funding from private foundations, corporations, service groups and other community organizations and also receives support from government sources.

Abode Services is extremely proud to realize double-digit program growth each year, while operating at the highest level of cost efficiency and using evidence-based best practices to implement their many programs. Administrative and fundraising costs are less than half of the average non-profit agency doing similar work. Charity Navigator, the largest and most respected national charity evaluator, has recognized Abode Services’ cost effectiveness and transparency by awarding them the top four-star rating eight years in a row. Less than one percent of rated agencies have received this degree of consistent high rating. For more information about Abode Services, visit their website at

A family at one of Abode Services' housing sites.

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