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Sky view of Cebro Foods. A story of a family owned business.

A story of a family owned business

Eighty-five miles southeast of the Bay Area, close to the heart of California's Central Valley, lays the City of Newman, an agriculturally rich and productive farming region. Cebro Frozen Foods was founded here in 1992, but the story of their family owned business started with Cerutti Brothers, Bill, Tony and Frank in the 1950's.

Originally ran as a dairy, Bill's son, Skip, took over, convinced his father to get out of the dairy business and begin what is now one of the area's largest farming operations, Cerutti Bros., Inc. In the early '90's, he made the business more manageable by decreasing their acreage from 12,000 to 6,500 acres. In 1992, being at the mercy of other processors, Skip built an IQF (Instant Quick Freeze) Plant that allowed him the ability to freeze everything they grew. 

When Skip passed away, his son Patrick became the President of Cerutti Bros., Inc. and Cebro Frozen Foods. The family still grows alfalfa for dairy farms, but their main produce today is broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and zucchini. Everything is run through the freezer plant then Cerutti Bros. Trucking distributes the frozen vegetables throughout California. 

Cebro Frozen Foods, Inc. adheres to a widely-recognized set of standards in food handling and processing and is a Superior AIB rated processing company. They are a bulk supplier of organic, kosher and conventional IQF vegetables and process twelve months a year. In 2010, Cebro installed a 1 megawatt solar system which has reduced their PG&E costs by 50 percent. By summer 2011, they expect to be generating enough excess energy to offset their own off-peak use. 

The family business is exactly that. According to Robert Fantazia, who is CFO and has been with the Cerutti's since 1988, "The company is like a family. Patrick took over the reins from his father and has done a phenomenal job with the way he runs the business and treats his employees. Everyone loves him and is quite proud of his accomplishments." A testament to Patrick is that most of his employees have very long tenure. For more information about Cebro Frozen Foods, visit their website at 

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