Scenario #1: Food Manufacturing Company (Condiments)

Worker in front of food manufacturing machine. Accounting case study.



On a daily basis, all workers arrived at the same time to begin their work shifts.  20 - 30 minutes would be needed to start the production run.  


Identify opportunities to help the client improve their daily production and reduce inefficiencies and downtime.


RINA suggested that the client stagger the workers start times so the early crew setup the production run and the later crew stayed at the end of the day to cleanup and prepare for the next day’s production runs.


  • By closely analyzing how processes were performed, the company’s capacity utilization was increased.
  • The company realized their objective of improving efficiency and reducing equipment downtime. 
  • Communications between work shifts improved dramatically. 
  • By reducing downtime and increasing operating margins by 15%, the company’s daily production output was increased by 10-15%.  

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