Warm Holiday Wishes from RINA

Happy Holidays from RINA


What a year!

We are so grateful for the family, friends, coworkers, clients, and contacts that have helped us get through the many challenges that we faced. Thank you!

We hope that your holiday season includes love, connection, and a sense of security.

We are together in community. The respect, care, and resilience that we have shown each other in 2020 has allowed us to overcome more challenges than we could have imagined last holiday season.

We are delighted that many of our family, friends, and clients are doing well. They have safe housing and their businesses are in demand or have adapted to the realities. We also feel strongly connected to those the virus has damaged. They have faced medical, emotional, and financial stress.

A family Zooming together
Our normal ways of interacting with each other have been augmented by technology so that family and friends far away can be contacted much more frequently. The troubles in 2020 have led us to discover new joys, new sights, and new insights in many facets of our professional and private lives.

Many of us delight in selecting gifts and doing our online or [safe] mall shopping. 
COVID Mall shoppers

And, we realize that greatest gifts are not store bought. They are the contacts we have with each other.

We also greatly appreciate RINA not-for-profit clients who help feed our neighbors in need. If you are able, we know that these organizations would appreciate your extra donations during this unsettled time. Among our clients who are providing food are Eat, Learn. Play., Project Open HandSpectrum Community ServicesSt. Vincent De Paul of Contra Costa County, and St. Vincent De Paul Society of Marin County. Please help these dedicated, effective people help others!
RINA clients that feed people

As 2020 winds down and we celebrate the season in quieter ways, we hope that you and your family can find moments of true joy. 

We appreciate being in your lives.

We wish you a close and warm holiday season and a spectacular, rebounding, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


RINA's offices will be closed Friday December 25th through Sunday, January 3rd.
RINA partners will be checking for urgent messages through December 30th.

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