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RINA.CPA is Live with Statements: The Interactive Edition


RINA is proud to announce the publication Statements: The Interactive Edition on the special website address of www.RINA.CPA. This Statements will be the home of blog posts written by our professional and support staff about the firm, our community, financial issues… almost anything that isn’t too, too political. Readers will be invited to comment on what they read, too.

Why a blog?

Being open and putting people first are core values of RINA. However, we feel that our principal website ( should contain “just the facts, ‘mam.” So, there is little room for personality, viewpoints, or musings on that site. The tone of the articles should be semi-formal and the pages generally should be straight-forward, not too cutesy,  and avoid obscure references to 1950’s television programs.

Yet, most clients want to feel connected to the professional who is providing help with their taxes, audit, business development, and other financial issues. Basically, people want to know where their accountant is coming from, what they are like, and if they understand the client’s emotional needs. We are told repeatedly by clients that they chose RINA because they felt understood by and compatible with the person they first spoke to. Clients say that they want to know more of our individual and corporate human side, about our motivation, and about how we think.

Of course, accountants have opinions, stories of overcome obstacles, and outrageous opinions that they share with each other. They have concerns about firm operations, community culture, and life in general. Statements: The Interactive Edition will let RINA team members share their personal insights in a forum where feedback is possible and encouraged.

RINA has a history of blogging going back before 2010. Early on, RINA’s professionals mostly wrote about specific tax rules, deadlines, announcements, or other factual issues which we now cover in our alerts and articles.   We remain dedicated to sharing the objective information and will continue to publish these straightforward articles on However, we think a reactivated blog will allow for more connections between our clients and the RINA people they work with.

Our relaunched blog starts its content with October 2021 comments from Managing Partner Tom Neff about the blog itself and from Human Resources Director Carrie Whisler on working at RINA. New posts will be added approximately every two weeks, and we encourage clients to comment on what they read and to suggest topics.

We believe that sharing the perceptions and viewpoints of our team will help us all to work better together because Your Future is Our Focus!

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