RINA Salutes 2021 Graduates


    RINA celebrates the graduation of the children of its employees! 

    In 2021 we honor:

    Ilana Nickolaus

    (Pictured at the top of the page -  click for larger version)

    Ilana has been in her school leadership class for two years, and has led the efforts to ensure that their year-end fun day “Spring Day” was still held, virtually, this year. 

    Ilana’s true love is gaming, and she splits her free time between SIMS, watching twitch gamers, playing on her switch, and watching YouTube gamers. 

    She is a bright girl and enjoys verbal sparring, especially about politics, Meyers-Briggs personality types, and women’s, gay, and transgender rights. 

    Ilana will be entering Berkeley High School in the fall.

    Hannah Gaven

    Hannah Gaven

    RINA salutes Hannah Gaven who graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree, summa cum laude, from Vassar College!

    Hannah is getting a BA in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science. This fall she is attending Dartmouth College for graduate work in Computer Engineering.

    She hopes to work in the field of Neuromorphic Engineering, working on parallel hardware systems resembling the human brain.

    Andrew Behti

    Andrew Behti

    RINA salutes Andrew Behti who is getting his Master of Business Administration from UC Davis through their part-time program which is run out of the Danville campus.  For the past year it has been all online.  

    While getting his MBA he is working full time in Schwab’s Treasury Management Group.

    Andrew likes snowboarding, skate boarding and basketball. (Currently he is sidelined as he dislocated his shoulder due to a fall from his skate board.) 

    Next step is learning to ride a motorcycle. 

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