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RINA Gives Back - PTSA Fundraising

Kim Quinn, Senior Accountant located in our Bellingham office is involved in the Fairhaven Middle School PTSA, an organization that supports students, families and teachers through activities and advocacy. Kim has been with the organization for two years and is currently serving as the Executive Board’s Fundraising Co-Chair for the 2017/2018 school year. To fund their activities, the PTSA organizes fundraising and provides donor opportunities. For the past two years, PTSA has been working with Bellingham Schools Foundation and the four local middle schools to provide equitable financial support to the schools through a collaborative fund raiser. Kim reveals “I really love my community in Bellingham, especially Fairhaven and look for volunteer opportunities that can benefit my daughters. Being able to contribute to the community is important to me and an important value I would like to teach my daughters.”