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RINA Accountancy Corporation Announcement

Microphone for RINA Accountancy Corporation Announcement.


Oakland CPA Tom Neff, President and CEO of RINA
Tom Neff
President and CEO

We are pleased to announce our new leadership and executive committee. Tom Neff is our President & CEO, Robin Brotman is our COO and Chris DeMay is our CFO. Together, they will provide the vision and focus for RINA Accountancy to thrive and grow into the future.

Tom Neff is a tax stockholder in the Oakland Office and has been with RINA since 2002. His goal as a visionary and strategic leader is threefold: 

  1. To engage and grow future generation of leaders in a time of transition for the firm, and work with our younger staff to develop their leadership abilities.
  2. To understand how the profession is changing and evolving and continue to innovate and adapt to the market and accounting industry demands. 
  3. To no longer be historians - firms that will succeed and thrive in today’s environment know that we need to develop the skills to truly be a business partner to our clients.
Walnut Creek CPA and RINA COO
Robin Brotman, COO

Robin Brotman is an audit stockholder and is the Walnut Creek Office head and has been with RINA  since 1981. Robin’s role as head of operations is all about people and processes. With her many years of experience with RINA clients and employees, she brings insights and an understanding of key trends that keep the firm moving in these changing times while maintaining a high level of well-trained staff.

San Francisco CPA and RINA CFO Chris DeMay
Chris DeMay, CFO

Chris DeMay is a tax stockholder in the San Francisco Office and began his career at RINA in 2012. Besides the normal CFO duties such as signing checks, reviewing budgets, tracking cash flow and reporting the results of RINA’s financial statements, Chris is looking to play a more strategic role. He wants to leverage our staff ’s talents and skills to focus on the challenges that have been created by the many changes in the accounting industry (technology, commoditization of compliance services, increased competition). We are relying on our next generation to not only be sustainable, but to generate continued growth.

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