President's Message January 2016 - It's a Small World

Man holding globe in his hands. It's a small world.


In my role as chairman of MGI, our international network of firms, I am now much more aware of the events that impact other areas of the world. The recent exchange of e-mails amongst members to firms in Paris, Colorado and Southern California demonstrated the friendships that go beyond business relationships. We shared concern and support for these communities and hope their strength in the face of tragedy will sustain them.

On the business side, my role as chairman reminds me of the similarities faced by all businesses as they try to grow in a global economy. Our initiatives for the year include greater member engagement, leveraging technology to share resources to help clients throughout the world, recruiting new members and implementing network regulations to govern membership quality.

Imagine our capabilities if we draw on the expertise of over 5,000 staff throughout the world. Yet, primarily for budgetary reasons, most firms send only a few representatives to our meetings. We somehow need these delegates to become ambassadors when they return to their firms. Obviously, this is not unlike the operations of many businesses. Employee engagement and sharing of talents is a challenge that when solved leads to greater satisfaction for employees and customers.

Leveraging technology will enable us to share resources and serve clients throughout the world. Like your businesses, the implementation plans need to be structured and the data carefully managed in order to be useful. In developing a knowledge hub of shared research and planning ideas, we will be able to better serve our clients with international and multi-state operations.

The recently adopted network structure allows us to establish member quality systems. In turn, our collective capabilities will be strengthened.

RINA is proud to be a founding member of the MGI Worldwide Network. I am excited about the opportunity to serve as chairman and look forward to learning more, both personally and professionally, from my friends abroad.

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