IN MEMORIAM - William Fields

Image of William Fields. In memoriam.


IN MEMORIAM William Fields. January 13, 1942 – April 11, 2019. Surtec Inc & Surtec Adopt-A-Family. Client since 1996.

Many people who knew Bill Fields are grieving a great loss. Bill was known as an astute businessman and a generous individual.

As a businessman, Bill developed and manufactured superior products for the cleaning and maintenance industry that provides exceptional results while reducing costs. Surtec, Inc. was honored as Small Business of the Year in California for its contribution to the state’s economy.

As a generous individual, Bill founded Surtec Adopt-A-Family in 1991 and has provided food and holiday gifts to over 7,000 needy families and over 20,000 children to date. The Surtec family of employees will deeply miss their friend, mentor and leader, but are determined to carry on with Bill’s mission to provide highly valued products and services to their customers.

Brad Gai remembers Bill. “I had the pleasure of working with Bill Fields, Cheryl Sanders and Bill Haag at Surtec. They are a professional and friendly group. I appreciate the structure of the Surtec Adopt-A- Family. Bill ran that organization with no administration costs.  Everyone that works for Surtec Adopt a Family is a volunteer. I have very good memories of everyone in my family participating in the food deliveries at the Holidays. It was an opportunity to have my children participate in a hands on project to help those in need. I am grateful to Bill for creating what I hope will be a lasting legacy.”

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