Farewell to Joan Stockholm After 46 Years of Service


Joan Stockholm will retire from her role as Firm Office Manager 16,878 days after she started typing financial statements for Henry Rooney at Rooney, Ida, Nolt and Ahern. From Friday, October 17, 1975 through Friday, December 31, 2021 this remarkable woman has strengthened, nurtured, and empowered the team and clients at the firm now known as RINA Accountants & Advisors.

Wedding in 1974Baby Shower in 1977 at the Rooney'sRecent Times
Joan and Her Husband Cliff

“Joan has helped RINA develop excellent administrative procedures that let us operate effectively and serve our clients,” praised Managing Partner Tom Neff. “Just as important to us is her warm, helpful personality that makes her coworkers feel comfortable even during deadline days!”
Joan with fellow Administration of Justice fansJoan initially planned on becoming a policewoman and received an AA in Administration of Justice. She loved firing guns and the physical self-defense training. But, she fell in love with Cliff Stockholm and decided that being an officer was incompatible with having a strong family life. So, she married Cliff and found Rooney, Ida, Nolt and Ahern.
Her initial salary was “a whopping $775/month” she recalled. The family atmosphere has always been most important.
“What do I enjoy most about working here? “ Joan mused. “I appreciate the people and how everyone genuinely cares about you and understands there’s more than work.”
“RINA knows how to have fun and has always celebrated families, she explained. “RINA also stepped up during times of need either personal – family matters, sick kids – or firm related. The firm helped us after the 1989 Earthquake, the Oakland Fire, Occupy, Covid, etc.”
“There are lots of learning opportunities,” she continued. “they treat you as professionals (even the admin staff), with high expectations and trust.”

Fellow-RINA staffer Gayle Tostenson and Joan are presented a singing telegram
by Larry the Longue Lizzard.
Joan with her parents in 2019

The supportive atmosphere has existed from the start. “Henry Rooney hired me and treated me as family,” she remembered.  “He took me under his wing and helped me a lot along the way.  I learned a lot from various partners along the way, too. Since I started out typing financial statements, I was mentored by Dick Clark who was subjected to my many questions.  Gordon Weaver and Larry Mar taught me the most about the tax world.”
“RINA has given me many opportunities to expand my horizons and knowledge, including being made Oakland Office Manager in 1988 and Firm Office Manager several years later,” she said, explaining why she has remained at the accounting firm for her entire career. “Also, the level of respect I get from the management group has been key.”
 “However, I must say that if it wasn’t for my husband staying home for 11 years to take care of our three boys when they were younger, I wouldn’t have been able to have the flexibility to do what was needed and achieve what I did,” Joan added.
Reflecting on the past 46 years Joan said, “RINA hasn’t really changed as much as you think it would have changed. “Of course now, the company is more diverse and there are a lot more women in management!” Joan saw Dolores Fry and Penny Johnson admitted as the firm's first women partners.

Joan at 2
Joan at 2 developing her happy sharing attitude

"Even through the pandemic, RINA kept the staff as involved as possible, scheduling many activities along the way," Joan reflected.  "Through it all RINA still maintained that caring and family atmosphere.”

In retirement Joan wants to do more photography, spend more time with her 95-year-old father, attend SF Giants games with her husband… But, mainly she’s looking forward to finding her Joy and having time to just Be.
“Not having to get up to an alarm clock, participate in meetings, to go through anymore deadlines and tax seasons will allow me to relax and really enjoy my life more,” she said.

“I do need a couple hip replacements first before I can enjoy traveling.  One of the things my husband and I have talked about was visiting the various ball parks throughout the United States. Until I can travel, retirement will just give me more time to spend with my family, including more time with the grandkids.”
“We will miss having Joan working with us,” remarked Tom. “Her competence and her attitude have been powerful positives in the firm’s life for a long time. We can reassign her responsibilities, but she cannot be replaced.”
The entire RINA team salutes Joan and thanks her. We wish her a wonderful retirement.

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