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Reactions to RINA's Comparison of the Candidates' Tax Policies

Tax Policy Comparison Response


RINA Alert --  October 29, 2020 | Volume 18, Issue 31A

RINA Accountants and Advisors' Marketing Department received strong responses to yesterday’s Alert that compared the tax policies of the two Presidential candidates.

RINA has a long history of analyzing the tax laws as they are presented to the public to provide as much information to our clients as possible.  Our comparison was not meant to be an endorsement of any kind of either candidate.  

In our almost 75-year history, we have never endorsed any candidate and did not intend yesterday’s release to be considered anything but informational.

We also did not mean to suggest that tax policy was the most important election issue. 

RINA apologizes for being unclear in our earlier message where we compared the tax policies of the two campaigns. We did not mean to imply a favorite candidate, and we are sorry that our communication sounded biased.


Tom Neff, Managing Partner
RINA Accountants & Advisors


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