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Comments on Market Volatility

Volatile Stock Market Chart with Corona Virus  Highlights


Dear Clients and Friends,

During this time of great uncertainty our thoughts immediately go to our coworkers and clients. We hope during this time everyone is taking all precautions to stay healthy.

At this time we are also concerned about our client’s financial well-being. We also realize that during this time of severe market volatility, you may have questions about your investments and what actions to take given the extreme uncertainty ahead.  If you are not aware we recently started RINA Wealth Management Services. A full service financial advisory firm. The RINA Wealth Management team is working relentlessly to monitor and assess the evolving market climate to ensure our clients and their portfolios are positioned to navigate the crisis and continue on the path to achieving their long-term goals. We would be happy to review your portfolio, discuss risk tolerances, and address any concerns you may have. As RINA Accountancy clients these services are available at no cost to our clients.

Please feel free to reach out directly to our team or contact your RINA Accountant.

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