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IRS Delays Individual Federal April 15 Tax Filing Deadline to May 17

Calendar showing the move of Individual Tax Deadline from April 15 to May 17th


RINA Alert --  March 17, 2021 | Volume 19, Issue 7 

Responding to requests from taxpayers, members of Congress, and professional accounting organizations, today the Internal Revenue Service announced that Federal tax filings and payments for individuals normally due April 15th would not be due until May 17th this year. This action will give people additional time to pay outstanding balances and to file the actual returns. However, estimated quarterly payments are still due on April 15th.

The IRS has the authority to extend Federal tax deadlines without Congressional approval, and this is the second year in a row that the agency has postponed the traditional April 15th deadline. This year's postponement is shorter than the 2020 extension, but the delay still acknowledges that late-in-the-year pandemic relief measures have placed an overwhelming administrative burden on taxpayers, tax preparers, and the IRS's own staff.

The announcement by the IRS affects the United States Federal tax deadline dates but it does not automatically change the deadlines of state and local governments.  It is likely — but not guaranteed that — other jurisdictions will follow the IRS's lead. RINA will post additional information on its website and in additional alerts as the situation becomes more defined in the next several days.

The official announcement by the IRS is posted in a Notice online.

RINA is closely monitoring the actions of the IRS, the State of California, and other agencies. Please contact your RINA professional if you have questions on the impact of this latest action by the IRS.


As we learn of the decisions of different jurisdictions and as the IRS provides additional guidance, we will publish the information here.

  • 3/18/21 - California will conform and extend individual tax returns to May 17th  

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