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    Simply Exceptional

    RINA's team of real estate tax experts are simply exceptional at what they do. They are highly regarded and widely sought after for their thoughtful, strategic handling of straightforward and complex real estate tax issues.

    Here's the real proof. At RINA, we currently serve more than 250 clients in such diverse specialties as commercial and residential real estate brokerage, property ownership, real estate management, real estate investment, real estate development, construction, and contracting.


      Our real estate tax services include:

      • Decision Analysis for Commercial Real Estate Investment
      • Space Acquisition Analysis
      • Comparative Lease Analysis and Valuing Leasehold Interests
      • Special Considerations for Cost of Occupancy
      • Lease Versus Own Analysis
      • Lease Exit Strategies
      • Sale-Leaseback Transactions Analysis
      • Interest-Based Negotiations
      • Section 1031 Like Kind Exchanges
      • Real Estate Valuations
      • Cost Segregation Studies
      • Mergers & Acquisitions
      • Investor vs. Dealer Status
      • Passive Activity Loss Rules
      • Real Estate Professional Rules
      • Tax Consequences of Real Estate 
      • Foreclosure and Short Sales
      • Green Tax Deductions and Credits
      • Real Estate Rehabilitation
      • Historic Tax Credits

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