Professional Services

75+ Years of Experience

No one knows more about the challenges and opportunities that face a professional service provider than RINA.

After all, professional services are what we’re all about. We’ve gained our experience during the last 75 years as one of Northern California's leading accounting and consulting firms. And, as we’ve grown, we’ve made it our mission to help other professional service providers succeed as we have–by providing guidance, council and professionalism at every step.

We have the answers to these questions, and more:

  • How do I get started?
  • What is the right entity for me?
  • Do I practice solo or with others?
  • What expenses are deductible?
  • What pre-tax benefits are available?
  • How do I grow the practice?
  • How do I determine compensation?
  • Why are my cash needs greater than my cash flow?
  • How do I provide for my retirement?
  • What is my succession plan?
  • How can I create a win/win result?

We provide services to all professional service firms including but not limited to: law, medical, dentistry, architecture, engineering, psychology, advertising and consulting.

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