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If you’re a builder, contractor and/or land developer, you have a particular need for accountants who really know your business, and the difficulties you face in your business organization (choice of entity, reporting and income tax filings, etc.).

RINA's experience can help. Our many years in your industry provides us with knowledge in:

  • Choosing appropriate methods for tax reporting, including completed contract and percentage of completion.
  • Defining the entity best suited to the operation–such as C and S corporations, LLCs , and corporate partnerships.
  • Selecting the most beneficial way to use the employment market, either through payroll or subcontractors.
  • Finding one's way through licensing requirements.
  • Selecting the accounting system to best meet your reporting and record keeping objectives.
  • Ensuring that your software is correct–so that current accounts and project costing stay timely and accurate.
  • Preparing the necessary information for bonding companies and preserving the businesses’ bondable status.
  • Negotiating with bankers or other institutional lenders in obtaining financing.
  • Preparing the prospective financial information (forecasts, budgets or projections) demanded by lenders.

Like you, we know the construction industry has highs and lows which develop with surprising speed and little warning. Protecting yourself against unexpected economic turns requires preparation and planning. Let RINA help in strengthening your financial structure, expense controls, financing, management and other important matters.

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