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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM

RINA San Francisco Office
150 Post Street, Suite 200
San Francisco , CA 94108 View map

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Strategic Growth Advisors Seminar for Bankers

RINA is experienced in working with businesses to implement creative strategies to improve and increase business capacity and efficiency. 
You are invited to a complimentary seminar focused on showing banking professionals how we can help your business owner clients grow their businesses effectively, profitably and with more enjoyment. We are conducting a complimentary seminar with similar topics targeting business owners on January 31st which you may invite your clients to after checking out the workshop yourself!


RINA accountancy corportation
150 Post Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94108

The topics will include:

  • The basic requirements for success.
  • Discussion for the process of identifying the areas in business where profit is generated and how it can be measured effectively. This measurement process is very different from the standard yardstick with the formula "Revenue minus Expenses!"
  • Providing specific tools for participants to use so that they may implement some of what they learn from attending the seminar. What it comes down to is, "What you can measure you can manage - and - what you can manage you can leverage."
  • Once our seminar participants learn the new measurement tools and appreciate the leverage and power they provide, we give additional steps to implement the tools and to keep these measurements alive.  Critical to this process is timely communication to the entire organization about these measurements. We show participants how this can be done safely and consistently.
  • Once the measurements are established and telegraphed properly, we give our seminar participants a 4-step process wherein business owners can empower their team to improve the numbers.
  • To accomplish goals; it is critical that an “Action Plan" be developed. We walk our participants through the critical steps necessary to keep a plan going so that they can see and measure success.
  • Systems are essential to the growth process. We emphasize that "Most people work 'IN' the business while the key is to work 'ON' the business" (so that you can choose NOT to work in it).  We show the value in systematizing 90% of what goes on in business so that you can humanize the remainder. In this section we talk about the secret of making a small business bigger. 
  • We give our participants the "4 Ways to Grow A Business."  These ways include a unique and detailed methodology that allows the business owner (and their team) to dramatically increase revenues. 

Our Presenters:

Charles Sterck, CPA, RINA PrincipalCharles Sterck, CPA, RINA Principal
Charles has over 40 years of experience in public accounting. His passion is to be a trusted advisor and help businesses grow, be more profitable and develop internal processes that supports the entrepreneur. By turning historical data into valuable wisdom, Charles helps companies move to the next stage of development.

Geoffrey Kulik, CPA, RINA StockholderGeoffrey Kulik, CPA, RINA Stockholder
Geoff has over 30 years of accounting experience and says his undergraduate scientific methodology training aids him in helping clients use technology to meet their accounting and business development needs. By bringing together technology and real-world data, he helps business owners see what is really going on in their business.

Program begins promptly at 5:00. Refreshments and light snacks will be served.
Space is limited so reserve your spot today!

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