RINA is a regional full service accounting and consulting firm with offices located in San Francisco, Oakland and Walnut Creek, California. RINA serves closely-held businesses and their owners, high net worth individuals and families, and many not-for-profit organizations and private foundations. RINA is one of the leading independent accounting firms in Northern California and among the largest in the Greater Bay Area. Our team is made up of 80 Certified Public Accountants and paraprofessionals. We attribute the success and growth of our practice to the talent and expertise of our people. By focusing on the needs of our clients, our team can provide proactive ideas and solutions to assist them in achieving their business and financial goals.

Our firm is a member of the Private Companies Practice Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We are fully committed to, and actively participate in, the AICPA’s quality control and peer review programs. We are also registered with the Public Companies Accounting Oversight Board.


We will be the most respected regional accounting and consulting firm in Northern California.


RINA is a dedicated team of accounting and business professionals. We provide a collaborative environment that fosters innovative solutions. Guided by our resources and experience, our clients and our team members identify their goals and achieve their maximum potential.


Put People First ‐ We cherish the relationships shared over the years; we will do what is right for the people involved over what may be the most profitable for the firm. We take care of our team as members of the RINA family.

Committed to our Staff’s, Clients’, and Community’s Success ‐ if our stakeholders are successful, the firm will be as well. We therefore emphasize professional growth for our staff, are proactive in serving clients and actively contribute in the business and social communities in which we live and work.

Collaborative and Entrepreneurial ‐ We seek solutions by working with others and adopting new ways of doing things. As part of delivering great service to clients, we work with their other advisors to be sure the team is in sync.

Integrity ‐ our profession depends on trust; that can only be achieved if we are our genuine selves, sharing our talents and acknowledging our shortcomings. Where we are not the right firm for a project, we will help find a better solution.

Committed to Technical Excellence ‐ staying abreast of changing regulations requires a commitment to learning and growth. Our work should reflect the best we are capable of and enhance our understanding of the issues we encounter.

Humble and Open ‐ we know that success comes through others. We try to be servant leaders, share our perspectives and embrace the viewpoints of others. We celebrate team accomplishments.

Balance – Making a Good Life, Not Just a Good Living ‐ RINA recognizes there is life outside of the workplace. We seek to enjoy the fruits of our labor in the incredible variety of life experiences our region offers. We take time to be present in all of our endeavors.


We care about our clients’ success and are dedicated to learning their businesses and operations as well as their industries to bring them personalized and innovative solutions. By delivering responsive and proactive services, we assist our clients in reaching their financial goals. We continually strive to educate and train our professionals and to provide a nurturing workplace so that our clients can count on working with the same team for many years. We are with our clients and staff through their professional and personal milestones.

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