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My tax situation is always carefully scrutinized and personalized based on my needs and my current situation.
Bob Rosenberg, 741-745 Warrington, LLC

My experience each year is consistently a 10.
Jeff Main, AMP Printing

My ratings are based on a few metrics. 
One important metric was based on the RINA webinars offered to educate businesses with PPP-related management.
Second has been RINA's support making sure we understand accounting practices that benefit our type of business. 
Third, thoughtful and timely response especially when there's a sense of urgency, we feel supported.

Michael & Jaclyne Recchiuti, Confections by Michael Recchiuti


Rajiv is by far the most knowledgeable, thoughtful and professional consultant/accountant we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. He understands our business and our needs completely. And, he’s smart, funny and a pleasure to speak with at all times.
Karen O'Neill, Burnham Properties



Very responsive service, good thinking. A few unexpected things have come up and are always solved.
Lisa Gelfand, Gelfand Partners Architects



Our organization had a potential internal control issue that prevented our audit from being completed as it normally would. We then engaged RINA to perform our audit and another firm to do an internal control study. The two firms worked simultaneously and shared their findings so that progress could be made in time to meet our deadline for completion of the audit. RINA worked closely with our audit committee to identify the key issues impacting the audit and minimize the minor issues that had distracted from the audit process. They quickly identified a cut-off issue and the reasons for it cropping up this year when it hadn’t occurred in the past. They also proposed a practical solution that enabled the audit and tax returns to be completed by the deadline. RINA’s ability to quickly understand our operations and make practical suggestions to enhance our accounting processes was very beneficial. 
Junior Achievement of Northern California



Audits usually provoke anxiety and stress for even the best organizations - "outsiders" coming in and looking to see what can be found behind the organizational curtains. But our work with Ed Fahey, Richard DelleFave and RINA team was the opposite. It was an anxiety reducing rather than an anxiety producing experience. The care with which the RINA team undertook a deep dive to understand our organization enabled them not only to perform a highly professional and thorough audit, but also to offer insights and advice throughout the process on how we might improve our work to fulfill our mission. We feel as though we have found a true partner in realizing our goals and dreams.
Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian Jr.
Executive Director, United Religions Initiative



One thing I feel that RINA does is look at our company and put themselves in our shoes and think, what can we do to help the Douglas family to increase their profitability and minimize the amount of taxes we pay?’ We turn to RINA not just for tax purposes but to evaluate business opportunities.
David Douglas
Douglas Parking



After being with our prior auditors for 18 years, we were happy that the transition to RINA went very smoothly - we found Dana and Howard great to work with.” They were very professional and explained the audit process to our board. RINA was good at not disturbing our daily work and hit all the proposed timelines.
Cheryl Smith, Executive Director
Family Support Services of the Bay Area



The combination of RINA's communication, knowledge, and previous experience with non profit organizations serving people with developmental disabilities, made our audit process run smoothly.
Amy Taub
Executive Director, Creativity Explored



“The Unity Council is a complicated organization with many programs and different funding sources. For me — my biggest learning curve was getting up to speed on our financials. Howard Zangwill was instrumental in helping me understand the organization’s financials. It is also important that since we are Oakland based, that our service providers are Oakland based. Howard also lives in Oakland and has provided me with an additional perspective. RINA is a good auditing firm and Howard is a good advisor.”
Chris Iglesias
CEO of The Unity Council



"When we were ramping up to launch the business, we knew that the way we wanted to do business and sell our products would involve an experienced accounting team in the costing of products, creating accounting systems and to be able to grow with us — especially as our tax situation grew more complex. We interviewed many CPA firms — small, medium and large. We feel that we have accomplished what we set out to with the addition of RINA."
Tom Garrity
Director of Finance & Operations
Fra'Mani Handcrafted Foods



Raphael House engaged RINA for their auditing services two years ago and I will say that we have been extremely happy with the service and performance of their team. They provide responsive and professional services with hands-on practical knowledge. Their efforts have helped us to structure our accounting process and internal controls leaving us with a very positive impression of their company.
Robert Benavidez
Director of Finance & Operations, Raphael House



RINA is a great firm and we are really happy because they get it done with a no muss no fuss attitude.
J.R. "Eddie" Orton III
President, Orton Development, Inc.



I have had the pleasure of working with Rajiv Behti for a number of years. Our relationship has evolved from CPA/Client, to good friends. We talk often and I use him not only for tax and audit, but for estate planning and planning the Companies future. He is very personable, knowledgeable and dedicated.
Robert Fantazia
CFO, Cebro Frozen Foods, Inc.



Ed and Tracy are absolutely wonderful professional service providers. We just finished our June 30 year end engagement and it was the most efficient engagement ever — a testament to RINA. They provide audit and tax services and are very efficient. They also just assisted us with a difficult staff transition.
Jeff Bialik 
Executive Director CCCYO



I am an Enrolled Agent myself and as a controller, I find it comforting to cross-consult with Jay and Kelly on tax issues, strategies, and preparation. Jay and Kelly make themselves available even during heavy tax deadline periods and we get things done.
Chuck Potter
Controller, Park Place Group



RINA is concerned about where we are, where we are going and how we are going to get there. Jim provides solutions that are tailored to my business and I trust him tremendously.
Bill Selway
Owner, Selway Machine Tool Company



Jim is a trusted advisor who takes our questions to heart and considers options long after we have spoken that might benefit us. We're very lucky to have him has a resource.
Michelle Self
CAD Masters



RINA not only cares about my business but they also care about my passion, The Surtec Adopt-A-Family Program. RINA staff have always been there for my personal, as well as my business milestones. This is a great relationship that has lasted for many years.
Bill Fields
Owner, Surtec


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