RINA’s Objective is to Work with Companies to Assist them in Achieving Their Growth and Financial Goals.

RINA’s History & Experience

  • Founded in 1946, we provide a full range of accounting and consulting services in four northern California locations and 80 experienced professionals to draw upon to meet the needs of our clients.
  • We understand the entrepreneurial spirit and have taken many start-up clients to the IPO stage.
  • Experience with VC firms tax structures and internal and external reporting requirements.
  • Assist clients meet the compliance requirements of the various federal, state and local taxing authorities through careful tax planning, regular communication, and active participation in the decision making process, to minimize the tax consequences of doing business.
  • We believe an audit should be constructively critical, providing the business owner a better understanding of their systems and reports yielding a greater opportunity to improve performance and manage their operations more efficiently — we employ a risk-based approach.
  • RINA uses a hands-on style of involvement by our audit, tax and consulting partners.
  • A variety of skill, talent and expertise in the consulting arena including: stock options, process and performance improvement, ownership structures and foreign holding reporting requirements.
  • RINA has a wealth of experience with closely held businesses; we understand their unique style and methodologies and can accommodate them.
  • RINA provides its staff with a multi-discipline training program so that each professional is conversant in many areas including but not limited to audit, tax and consulting.
  • Competitive Fees — resources and expertise of large firms with reasonable rates.

RINA’s Network

  • Member of MGI — RINA is a member of MGI Worldwide, a Top 20 international accounting network of independent audit, tax and accounting firms, which brings together the expertise of some 6,000 professionals in over 300 locations around the world. Our membership enables us to keep abreast of important new developments, while providing a seamless international service to any of our clients looking for support abroad. Through MGI Worldwide, our firm benefits from connections with people we get to know and trust in all corners of the globe. We can help you and your operations with a quick phone call to one of our colleagues or a complete service offering — whatever you need to make your international business a success.

    MGI Worldwide is a quality controlled network and, like all member firms, we are subject to review of our quality assurance systems and procedures against international standards.

    For more information on MGI Worldwide visit www.mgiworld.com.

  • RINA has established long-term relationships not only with clients, but clients’ advisors who we trust.  This provides us a network of advisors to whom we refer our clients which results in the best person to meet their unique  needs. 

RINA’s Commitment

We care about our clients’ success and are dedicated to learning their businesses and operations as well as their industries to bring them personalized and innovative solutions.  By delivering timely, responsive and proactive services, we assist our clients in reaching their financial goals.  We continually strive to educate and train our professionals and to provide a nurturing workplace so that our clients can count on working with the same team for many years.

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