Wealth Management & Preservation

Do your professional advisors – such as attorneys, accountants, investment brokers, insurance brokers, and bankers – communicate with each other about the major issues regarding your life plan? If not, the result in many cases would be contrary advice which will leave you confused and frustrated.

RINA has a solution. Unlike the short term “single-solution” focus provided by most professionals, we have adopted an integrated approach that brings professionals together as a unit, working from a plan created by you to help accomplish your long term goals.

The first step in the process is to define what your goals really are. We begin by asking, “If you could have your perfect situation during your life, what would that be?” and, “How much is enough in order to maintain that perfect situation?” In order to begin this process, you must create your perfect situation with an emphasis on your true goals and desires without limiting yourself only to what you think are possible or practical.

In developing your plan, some of the areas you’ll explore include:

  • How much do I spend each year to make ends meet, excluding the costs associated with work?
  • Who do I want to provide for during and after my lifetime? Is it just my spouse and children or grandchildren? Perhaps it’s a favorite charity.
  • Am I contemplating any significant lifestyle changes and when? What about large purchases such as a new house or vacation home and when? What about the cost of children’s college tuition? How about contingency reserves for medical or family crises? How will these affect my eventual lifestyle?

With this information, you have the basic building blocks from which a plan can be constructed. The remainder of the plan can be put together in a few sessions with the right professionals, including your personal RINA representative.