Strategic Performance Management - $COPE

If you own or operate a small business, you know one of the greatest barriers to growth is the inability to “let go” of many day-to-day activities.

That’s what led RINA to create our $COPE process. $COPE is a proven process implemented by RINA experts who are certified in Strategic Performance Management. $COPE provides small, growing companies with the same strategies used by large, highly successful businesses. It delivers “expert” feedback systems and indicators so owners can still know what’s going on—without having to be intimately involved with every detail of their operation. And it allows you to build a framework for positive, profitable growth.

$COPE includes a five-step approach to help you develop information feedback systems specific to your business. This feedback creates a direct link between financial and non-financial indicators, while tracking how each department and individual performs in relation to your overall company objectives. We seek to identify, monitor, and help improve Key Performance Indicators in your four primary areas of business: Marketing/Sales, Operations, Finance and Management.

$COPE is more than a set of advanced financial management services. It also lays an ideal foundation for more advanced, technology-based management information systems that most growing companies adopt over time.

And finally, it helps create a solid performance-based incentive program that will help attract and retain quality employees. These programs create a culture of measured accountability for team members and provide a mechanism for rewarding superior performance.