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RINA is a dedicated team of accounting and business professionals. We provide a collaborative environment that delivers innovative solutions. Guided by our resources and experience, our clients and our team members identify their goals and achieve their maximum potential.

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Audit Services

We believe an audit entails far more than providing a simple report on your financial statements. An audit should provide a better understanding of your systems and a greater opportunity to improve your performance. Our AuditWatch program enables our staff to achieve a thorough understanding of your organization, by employing analytical procedures that allow us to identify trends or unusual relationships within your financial statements.

Review Services

While less complete than an audited financial statement, reviewed financial statements are very useful in providing full disclosure of all material aspects of your business, its financial position, and operations.

Compilation Services

When we assist you in the compilation of your financial statements, you receive more than professional financial reporting. You also get: - Statements conforming to the highest standards of your industry. - Format and descriptions which are truly meaningful and informative. - Full disclosure in the statements and notes to demonstrate to lenders and fellow owners that your financials meet all professional criteria.

Employee Benefit Plan Services

RINA has employee benefit plan audit experience that dates back to the passage of ERISA in the 1970’s and we have developed an expertise in performing audits of 401(k) Plans, 403(b) Plans, Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Health and Welfare Plans and ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans).

Business Tax

With over 70 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, RINA recognizes the specialized tax needs of the small and mid-size company, as well as the owner and his/her family.

Exempt Organization Tax & Information Returns

Not-for-profit organizations are defined by their tax-exempt status as well as for their charitable purpose. Maintaining this tax-exempt status can be difficult for an organization, with many challenging rules and laws to interpret and often with little time or expertise to comply. At RINA, we can help by providing the exempt organization tax services you need,from tax consulting and compliance services to the preparation of information and excise tax returns.

Multistate, State, & Local Tax

The RINA state and local tax (SALT) team recognizes the complexity of doing business in multiple states. Our SALT team specialist will work closely with your company to assess your tax situation and provide analysis to determine the best course of action for your business.

Tax Incentives & Credits

RINA’s dedicated tax credit team works with your company to identify and implement tax credit solutions. We also provide credit computations, compliance and audit defense of tax credits and incentives.

International Tax Services

In today's global economy, it is not uncommon for U.S. and foreign taxpayers to venture abroad for business opportunities. Often times these taxpayers find the U.S. income tax rules relating to their international transactions to be complex and full of surprising pitfalls. RINA provides international tax expertise through a combination of Big 4 and regional firm experience to help taxpayers navigate these rules.

Transfer Pricing

If your U.S. business has related party transactions with cross-border entities, you should contact your RINA representative to discuss how we can assist you in determining an arm's length price for these transactions.


Our RINA international tax team can assist you in determining whether your business qualifies for these benefits and will assist you in setting up and managing the IC-DISC, regardless of what state your business operates in.

Individual Taxes

Tax compliance is just one feature of RINA’s individual income tax services. We believe a successful individual tax relationship is about helping you achieve your lifetime goals. That is why our specialists work with you on a comprehensive approach to ensure that your goals and objectives are met

Estate & Gift Planning & Compliance

During the Estate planning process, RINA assesses the multiple impacts of estate taxes, income taxes, and property taxes on an estate and suggests strategies to minimize the debilitating effect of these taxes.

Retirement Planning

At RINA, we provide focused, tailored retirement planning services that are built around your individual goals and objectives.

Wealth Management & Preservation

Unlike the short term “single-solution” focus provided by most professionals, RINA has adopted an integrated approach that brings professionals together as a unit, working from a plan created by you to help accomplish your long term wealth management goals.

Exit and Succession Planning

RINA Accounting assists business owners design and implement the transfer of their business to someone else - whether to a family member, a key employee or an outside third party. The plan for you will always be aligned with your personal, family and financial objectives.

Forensic Accounting

You will find that the forensic accountants at RINA are creative by working closely with all appropriate parties to identify and resolve forensic matters as cost effectively as possible. We utilize our tax, audit, and consulting services knowledge to identify anomalies and inconsistencies.

Litigation Services

RINA was founded by an attorney, and throughout the years, we’ve maintained close contact with law firms—either by providing accounting services or client referrals. This extensive involvement also makes us uniquely qualified to provide superior litigation support services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

RINA has a history of working with businesses and individuals in the Merger and Acquisition field. We provide suggestions, considerations, alternatives and solutions in addressing all M & A activity.

Strategic Performance Management -$COPE

If you own or operate a small business, you know one of the greatest barriers to growth is the inability to “let go” of many day-to-day activities. That’s what led RINA to create our $COPE process. $COPE is a proven process implemented by RINA experts who are certified in Strategic Performance Management. $COPE provides small, growing companies with the same strategies used by large, highly successful businesses

Valuation Services

You will find that the experts at RINA are creative working closely with all parties to arrive at the appropriate value as cost effectively as possible. There are four basic purposes for valuing a business; taxation, litigation, transaction and regulatory.