Technology Companies

Technology companies and similar enterprises may create the future, but they need answers right now. Because they are constantly innovating and responding to competitive threats and marketplace demands, their financial pictures are dynamic and complex.

RINA is uniquely suited to meet these changing needs. Our services to technology companies include the following:

  • Creating compensation packages to attract and retain top talent—including stock options, benefit plans, and other incentives
  • Preparing the company's tax filings with a view towards the ultimate business plan and exit strategy—such as IPO or acquisition
  • Helping companies set up and operate properly monitored benefit plans, including 401(k), cafeteria, and ESOP plans
  • Assisting companies in developing business plans and pre-IPO information
  • Reviewing positive and negative tax and accounting considerations that affect companies when establishing international operations (including Foreign Sales corporations) and/or multi-state operations
  • Consulting with companies' executive officers on their personal financial, investment, and tax matters
  • Preparing audited or reviewed financial statements for investor and banking requirements