The Industries That RINA Serves

Our clients do business in many diverse industries such as construction, real estate, franchising, manufacturing, wineries, distributing, professional services, retail and wholesalers. Typically, the owner or principals’ emotional investment and passion for their work drive the business.  RINA plays an active role in elevating clients’ attention above their day-to-day operations so that they can stay focused on long-term strategies for financial stability, profitability and sustainable growth.  Along with the traditional accounting services, our talented team has developed an impressive array of proactive solutions to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals, personally as well as professionally. We are dedicated to serving our clients by our Firm Motto, Your Future is Our Focus.

Choose from one of the Industries we serve to get started with RINA:

Construction & Contractors

If you’re a builder, contractor and/or land developer, you have a particular need for accountants who really know your business, and the difficulties you face in your business organization (choice of entity, reporting and income tax filings, etc.). RINA's experience can help.

Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses

Whether you are just starting a new business, acquiring another business, or improving the one you have – you can look to RINA for hands-on experience and expertise. We have been serving entrepreneurs for over 65 years and understand their needs.

Food & Beverage

RINA has extensive experience in the food and beverage processing industry. There are special considerations when working in this area due to the nature of the product. Shelf Life, Accommodation, and Union Considerations present challenges both from an operational and an accounting perspective. RINA has the experience to help you navigate these waters.

Manufacturing / Distribution

In today’s ever changing economy, many manufacturing and distribution companies are significantly altering their businesses – from streamlining inventory management to transforming entire processes. RINA provides a full array of services to help these companies solve problems, improve processes and capture opportunities critical to their success.


At RINA, we have extensive experience advising not-for-profit organizations concerning the financial aspects of managing their operations. Using the latest technology and resources, we can provide you with the information you need when you need it, in a format you can understand and work with. We want to help your organization succeed—and grow.

Professional Services

No one knows more about the challenges and opportunities that face a professional service provider than RINA. After all, professional services are what we’re all about. We’ve gained our experience during the last 60 years as one of Northern California's leading accounting and consulting firms.

Real Estate

RINA’s experience in the real estate industry is built on a foundation of service. We currently serve more than two hundred clients in such diverse specialties as brokerage (commercial and residential), property ownership, investment, and development, construction, and contracting.


At RINA, we know that retailing is much more than simple buying and selling. It is a highly dynamic and complex business. At RINA we understand the special challenges and opportunities of our retail clients. Most important, we recognize that every retailer is unique.

Technology Companies

Technology companies and similar enterprises may create the future, but they need answers right now. Because they are constantly innovating and responding to competitive threats and marketplace demands, their financial pictures are dynamic and complex. RINA is uniquely suited to meet these changing needs.


When it comes to wholesaling, control is the key. Costs, inventory, relationships…they must all be effectively managed and maintained. At RINA, we’ve helped wholesalers stay in control for more than 60 years. We serve several large clients with analysis tools that improve control and increase margins.


Few industries are as demanding as the wine industry. Along with being at the whim of Mother Nature, wineries face the challenges of incurring vineyard development and farming costs which will not yield a reward for several years. Not to mention decisions regarding varietals, spacing and rootstock. Then there’s production, and marketing, and sales and distribution. In short, the wine business is nearly as complex as wine itself. At RINA, we understand these complexities.